b'Activities 113Tennis in the Western AlgarveThe Aparthotel Alto da Colina HHHH PortugalHalf Board7 Nights A new addition to our 2020 tennisof organised tennis, with friendly andMore to Explore: There are a number of holiday programme, the Aparthotel competitive games arranged by our Solosoptional tours which may be available to Alto da Colina offers spaciousTour Leader. The Sports Village has ayou depending on the time of year. Full accommodation in Albufeira. The superb range of facilities including fourdetails of all the excursions available will hotel has access to some first-classtennis courts and we will be playing forbe advised at the Information Meeting. tennis courts. In short, it is an ideal four hours each day. All tours should be paid for in euros only. venue for spending a week perfectingThe exact amount will be given at your your groundstrokes with like-mindedTime off: When not playing tennis, ourInformation Meeting. Your Tour Leader tennis enthusiasts. hotel offers a wide range of facilities forwill help arrange these for you but may your enjoyment. The Aparthotel Alto danot necessarily accompany you.Algarve: Here you will find some of theColina is a 6-minute walk from the beach best tennis in Portugal. The Algarve hasand overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. It isDate 7ntsall the ingredients for a great tennissurrounded by gardens, has 3 swimming20 Mar 20 from 1329vacationthe ideal climate for tennis,pools and offers Free Wi-Fi at reception.excellent facilities and plenty to see and do when you are off the court. In shortIncludes: Return flights & transfersTwin/you can play some great social games anddouble room for single useWelcome experience a strong sense of communitydrink5-day tennis programmeFriendly in the company of others who share yourmatches & competitionsBreakfast & passion for the game. dinner (incbottle of water /bottle of wine)Accompanying Solos Tour LeaderOrganised Tennis: Located close to your hotel is the Balaia Sports Village (approx.Extra: Tennis racquet400mts walk away) that hosts our daily tennis. We include a 5-day programme 020 8951 2901|solosholidays.co.uk'