b'Discovery 61Western UkraineHHHHHHHHH HotelsUkraineSolos Board9 Nights Beautiful landscapes, charming oldChernobyl, which is Ukraines most famousIncludes: Return flights & transferstowns and a fascinating history:phenomenon. Day 4: KievKamianetsAccommodation in 4 & 5-star hotels Ukraine is often underrated. Our tour Podilskyi. Today we will get acquainted Single room with private facilities showcases two of the best-known cities,with the ancient city of Kamianets- Welcome drinkBreakfast daily, 5 Kiev and Lviv, as well as Chernobyl,Podilskyi and discover the cultural andlunches & 4 dinnersWine tastingwhilst exploring the ancient town ofhistorical importance and visit the citysCoffee tastingFull-day tour of Kiev Kamianets-Podilskyi and the Hutsulsfortress. Day 5: KamianetsPodilskyiincluding Khreshchatyk Street & Maidan ethnic group along the way.ChernivtsiBukovel. Today our tour Full-day tour to ChernobylFull-day continues into the Carpathian Mountainstour of Kamianets-PodilskyiStops at Why go? Discover Ukraines rich culture,with stops at the Khotyn fortress andKhotyn fortress, Chernivtsi & the National turbulent history and colourful traditionsChernivtsia cosy European city situatedUniversityDay visiting the Hutsul peopleVisit Chernobylthe site of the worldswhere the roads from Europe and Asia Half-day tour of LvivVisit of High biggest nuclear disasterSample deliciouscross. Day 6: Verhovyna Village. This day isCastle Hill, St. George Cathedral & the food, which is still relatively cheap dedicated to the mountains and its peopleHouse of ScientistsAccompanying Solos Admire wondrous architectureVisit the the Hutsuls. Day 7: BukovelLviv. TodayTour LeaderHutsulsan ethnic group living in thewe will enjoy a coffee tasting and short Carpathian mountains tour of Lvivs Medieval city centre. Day 8:Date 9ntsExploring Lviv. Today our half-day tour18 Apr 20 from 1865Day 1: LondonKiev. Day 2: Exploringincludes a visit to the High Castle Hill and Kiev. We will set off on a full-day guidedthe former Austrian casino, presently called29 Aug 20 from 2179city tour of Kiev which takes us past manyThe House of Scientists. Day 9: Day at of the great sights, including KhreschatykLeisure. Day 10: Depart for home.Street which is the citys most famous and well-trodden street. Day 3: Chernobyl.The full itinerary can be found onToday we will go on a full-day tour toour website.020 8951 2901|solosholidays.co.uk'