b'146 Booking InfoBooking agreementThe Small Print It is our wish that you thoroughlyus (Whats included items). All sightseeing and100% cancellation charges well in advance of the enjoy your Solos holiday and therefore we wouldexcursions are supplied by third party suppliersnormal balance due date) which you will have to urge you to read the following booking conditionsand are subject to the relevant sections of thesepay in the event of cancellation. You will be advised and important information before booking yourconditions. We accept, subject to these conditions,at the time of booking if this is the case for your holiday. Your holiday contract will be with Longresponsibility for pre-booked sightseeing andholiday. See also Section 20Travel Limited trading as Solos Holidays whoseexcursions. However, sightseeing and excursions registered office is Whittington Hall, Whittingtonbooked in resort do not form part of your Package7.If you have a special request If you have a special Road, Whittington, Worcester WR5 2ZX. Solosand are not governed by the Package Travel,request that does not form part of the arrangements Holidays is fully bonded under Air Travel OrganisersPackage Holiday and Package Tours Regulationsdescribed on the website, please check at time of Licence number 4029. If there is anything you do1992. We do not have any responsibility or liabilitybooking and inform us in writing. We will pass on not understand or want to know, please contactwhatsoever for anything which may go wrong onyour request(s) to the relevant supplier but cannot us as soon as possible. The following conditions,a sightseeing and excursion booked in resort. We,guarantee that requests will be met and they do together with the relevant information set out in theour Tour Leaders, suppliers, employees or agentsnot form part of our contracted obligations. Special website, will form part of your contract with Solosare acting, depending upon the actual sightseeingrequests for in-flight meals etc. should be made at Holidays. and excursion booking, either as agents for thethe time of booking. We will make every effort to relevant resort sightseeing and excursion supplier orcomply with your requests but cannot guarantee Your financial protection When you buy an ATOLas agent for you. In any event, the contract for anythat they will be provided and strongly recommend protected air holiday package and flights fromresort-booked sightseeing and excursion bookingthat you repeat your request to the airline or hotel us you will receive a Confirmation Invoice fromis between you and the sightseeing and excursionat the appropriate time.us (or via our authorised agent through whichprovider and such sightseeing and excursions are you booked) confirming your arrangements andonly available in accordance with the terms of the8.If you have a complaint If you have cause for your protection under our Air Travel Organisersthird party supplier. It is your responsibility to notecomplaint whilst away, this must be brought to Licence number 4029. In the unlikely event of ourcarefully any conditions of contract containedthe attention of the Solos Holidays Tour Leader or insolvency, the CAA will ensure that you are notin any resort-booked sightseeing and excursion,local representative and the relevant supplier (e.g. stranded abroad and will arrange to refund anyliterature, ticket or receipt you are given. Forhotelier, airline) immediately who will endeavour to money you have paid to us for an advance booking.resort-booked sightseeing and excursions, youput things right. Failure to report your complaint in 2.50 per person of the total cost of this air holidaymay be subject to the laws and any relevant safetythis way may jeopardise any claim you subsequently package as indicated on your invoice is paid to thestandards of the country in which you take yourmake and possibly reduce or even extinguish any Civil Aviation Authority to provide ATOL Protectionexcursion and may be required to bring any disputescompensation or refund entitlement you may have to you. This amount is subject to change at any timeor claims before the Courts of that country also. had. Should the Tour Leader, local representative or as advised to Long Travel Limited by the CAA. Thisrelevant supplier be unable to resolve the problem means the money paid for these arrangements is5.Included in your holiday/event price Detailsin resort, you may be asked to complete a written fully protected. For more information visit www.atol. of what is included in your holiday/event canreport. Details of the complaint should in any event org.uk. be found in the Useful Information paragraphbe notified to Solos Holidays in writing at our UK on solosholidays.co.uk/important-information.head office within 28 days of the end of the break, 1.Your booking When you make a booking, youThe following items are examples of what is notquoting your booking number.guarantee that you have the authority to accept andincluded: holiday insurance, personal expenses, do accept the terms of these booking conditions.visa fees, overseas airport taxes, excess baggage9.Solos prices Prices published on the website Your contract with Solos Holidays is made once thecharges, gratuities, sports equipment carriage,supersede those printed in all previous editions of following steps have been fulfilled: local charges for facilities and equipment, any newthe Solos Holidays brochure and other promotional government compulsory charges, sightseeing andmaterial, but may, themselves, become superseded. a)You have paid the required deposit. excursions booked in resort and some airline inflightFor current prices, (subject to availability), please meals. see our website or contact reservations on 020 b)Solos Holidays confirmation invoice has been8951 2900. We reserve the right to alter the price of sent to you. Your contract with Long Travel6.If you cancel your booking Should you wishany of the holidays/ events shown on our website. Limited commences on the date of issue of yourto cancel your confirmed booking, notificationYou will be advised of the current price of the confirmation invoice. You must check your invoiceby email or in writing must be received at ourholiday/event that you wish to book before your carefully and raise any queries with Solos Holidaysoffices from the person who made the booking.contract is confirmed. Changes in transportation immediately upon receipt. This contract is made onVerbal notification is not sufficient. The followingcosts, including the cost of fuel, dues, taxes or fees the terms of these booking conditions, which arecharges will apply from the date on whichchargeable for services such as landing taxes or governed by English Law, and the jurisdiction of thewritten notification is received by Solos Holidaysembarkation or disembarkation fees at ports and English Courts. to compensate Solos for estimated losses andairports and exchange rates mean that the price expenses. For scheduled flights, regional flightsof your travel arrangements may change after you 2.Your payment For all events and holidays, fulland flights with no-frills airlines, 100% cancellationhave booked. In this case we will absorb and you payment must be made to Solos Holidays at leastcharges may apply regardless of the time at whichwill not be charged for any increase equivalent to 70 days prior to departure except for ocean cruisesyou tell us.2% of the price, which excludes any administration which will be 100 days prior to departure. If youcharges. You will be charged for the amount over book less than 70 days prior to departure you mustIf the reason for your cancellation is covered underand above that, plus an administration charge pay the full price when you book. Payment may bethe terms of your insurance policy and you followof 1.00 per person together with an amount to made by cash, cheque, bank transfer, debit cardthe procedure laid down by the insurers, you maycover agents commission (if applicable). If this or credit card (sorry, but we are unable to acceptbe able to reclaim the cancellation charges, subjectmeans paying more than 10% of the price you will payment by American Express). Cheque paymentsto any policy excess. be entitled to cancel your holiday/event with a full may not be accepted within 14 days of departure.refund of all monies paid, except for amendment Please note, failure to pay on time may result inCancellation charges: The figures are expressed ascharges. Should you decide to cancel because of cancellation. percentages of the total price excluding insurance,this, you must exercise your right to do so within administration charges, and ATOL levy which are14 days from the issue date printed on the latest 3.If you alter your confirmed booking If you wish toforfeited in full. invoice. However there will be no change within alter or transfer your booking to another date or30 days of your departure. All prices quoted on holiday, after we have sent you the confirmationUK Events 1 Night, Solos Balls & Dances40 deposit the website are calculated and bought on rates of invoice, we will do our best to arrange this, but weUK Events 2 Nights75 deposit exchange in existence at the time of publication. regret that it may not always be possible. You mustOverseas Holidays150 deposit See also Section 20.e-mail or write to us with details of the alterationMore than 70 days prior to departurerequested at least 70 days before departure. If a loss of deposit 10. If Solos alters your booking Whilst everything will transfer is possible, there will be an administration3669 days 35% of the total cost of the holiday be done to provide the holidays/ events shown, charge of 20 for UK holidays and events, 302235 days 50% of the total cost of the holiday Solos Holidays may occasionally have to change for European holidays and 60 for long-haul1121 days 80% of the total cost of the holiday your holiday arrangements or part of them. Solos destinations. Should you wish to transfer from110 days 100% of the total cost of the holiday Holidays reserves the right to do so at any time. a cruise to another holiday, this will incur a fullMost alterations are minor and should not affect loss of deposit. You will also be required to payAll Cruises400 deposit or 20% of cruise value the overall enjoyment of your break. In the case of any additional costs or price differences arising.More than 100 days prior to departure minor alterations, we will do our best to notify you Changes made 69 days or less before departure will loss of deposit before departure. If we have to make significant incur cancellation charges, see section 6. 7199 days 30% of the total cost of the holiday alterations to your arrangements we will notify you 5070 days 50% of the total cost of the holiday as quickly as possible.Note: Certain travel arrangements (e.g. flights) may2949 days 75% of the total cost of the holidaynot be changeable after a reservation has been281 days 100% of the total cost of the holiday You may then:made and any alteration request could incur aa)accept the change and the contract will be varied to cancellation charge of up to 100% of that part of theNB: Cancellation charges may be higher for incorporate the change.arrangements. If we need to change any flights onupgraded cabins b)take an alternative break subject to availability. If your behalf you could be subject to fare increasesthe alternative is of a lower price than that originally and airline administration fees. See also Section 20. Long Haul250 deposit confirmed, the difference will be refunded to you.More than 70 days prior to departure c)withdraw from the booking completely in which 4.Sightseeing and excursions These include, but are loss of deposit case Solos Holidays will make a full refund of all not restricted to, any sightseeing trips, events or4269 days 45% of the total cost of the holiday monies paid by you except for any administration other tours either attended in resort or land-based1641 days 75% of the total cost of the holiday charges paid. Where any compensation is due, this shore excursions for which additional payment115 days 100% of the total cost of the holiday will be agreed on a reasonable basis and, where is required. Sightseeing and Excursions can eitherAfter departure 100% of the total cost of the holiday appropriate, the terms of International Conventions be booked in resort or on board (More to explorewill apply. Compensation will not be payable if we or Optional excursions items) or pre-bookedNB: Some suppliers have conditions which require thehave to make a significant change due to reasons of and paid for when you book your Package withpayment of higher or different charges (includingforce majeure, see section 11. Significant changes solosholidays.co.uk|020 8951 2901'