b'132 CruiseChilean Fjords, Antarctica, FalklandsChile, Falklands & AntarcticaFull Board20 NightsThis is a once in a lifetimebucket list holiday!!! ice has scoured its way between the mountains, leaving isolated islands and hidden bays and creating the unique fjord landscape Travel in harmony with the elements to the White Continent.of Chile. Days 5-6: The Drake Passage. When ranking the most En route, you will experience the wild natural wonders of theiconic places on Earth, Cape Horn is high on the list. The ship Chilean fjords. Once in Antarctica, the sight of mighty glacierswill do its best to make a landing on Cape Hornhowever, calving into the ocean, flocks of penguins and whales in the icythis area can have challenging conditions. MS Roald Amundsen seas will create indelible memories.will use 1to 2 days to cross the Drake Passage, depending on the weather conditions. Days 7-13: Antarctica. Antarctica is DUE TO THE RESTRICTION OF PASSENGER NUMBERS INTOisolated from the rest of the world by ocean currents. In winter THE ANTARCTIC, PLACES ARE LIMITED! it is further cut off by sea ice forming off the coastvirtually doubling the size of the continent. What is so overwhelming Day 1: London, UKChile. Depart the UK on our flight toabout Antarctica is that its location makes every voyage to the Santiago de Chile. Day 2: Santiago De Chile, Chile. The capitalcontinent an expedition. The ship will attempt to land in several of Chile is exciting and diverse. Your adventure starts with anplaces, including Deception Island, Half Moon Island, Brown overnight hotel stay here. Day 3: Santiago De Chile/Punta Arenas.Bluff, Cuverville Island and Neko Harbour. All of these places are Today you fly To Punta Arenas where Ms Roald Amundsen isserene and offer untouched nature, opportunities to observe ready for this expedition to Antarctica. Day 4: Chilean Fjords. Thepenguin colonies, seals, glaciers, icebergs in every shape and solosholidays.co.uk|020 8951 2901'