b'Flight Info 145Flights, transfers & accommodationRegional Flights Land-only Flight & rail timesIf you would prefer to travel directly to your holidayIf you would prefer to book your own flight, we areThese are not shown in the brochure as they are location from a regional airport, please call ourhappy to quote the holiday price for land only. Thissubject to change. However the most up to date Reservations team to discuss or check our websitemeans that both the flight cost and the transfers willtimes are available on our website or you can all our where available options are. In these circumstances,be deducted. If we cancel your holiday due to lowReservations team on 0844 815 0001.we will happily make this booking for you and addnumbers, we will not be responsible for your flights. the difference in cost of the new flight to yourPlease note that there may be occasions when we areImportant informationreservation. Please note that flight prices are set byunable to offer a land only package in order to manageAll airlines insist that we adhere to strict deadlines for the airlines and often fluctuate from day to day. It isour committed seats and hotel rooms. releasing any unsold seats back to them; this deadline Solos policy to pass on the exact charge made by theis normally 2 months before the departure date of the airline and any variation in price is strictly out of ourTransfers holiday. This means that if you leave your booking until control. Please note there may be occasions whenIf you are taking your own flights (see Land Only) or weclose to the departure date, it is sometimes impossible we are unable to offer direct regional flights in orderhave booked a direct regional flight for you that has notto obtain a seat for you on the group flight or at the to manage our committed seats, as advertised withinbeen included in the package, you will have the choice,group fare.the holiday package. When we book regional flightswhere possible, of joining the Solos group transfer or on your behalf, full payment will be taken at the timetravelling on a separate transfer, which will be includedThis can also be the case if we have sold all of of booking to secure the fare quoted. You should bein your holiday price. Please note this may be onour original allocation. In either case, it may mean aware that, when travelling from a regional airport, youyour own, with another Solos customer or a shuttleadditional costs for either the flight or for a separate may not meet other Solos customers until you arrive attransfer with non-Solos customers. It is importanttransfer on top of the published price of the holiday. your hotel in resort. For more information please seeto note that we are not able to accept responsibilityWe therefore strongly recommend that you book solosholidays.co.uk/regional-flights. for missed transfers due to flight delays or any otheryour holiday preferably more than 8 weeks before the circumstances beyond our control, such as scheduledeparture date. We understand that this is not always When we book your connecting flight changes. If these changes result in the need for you topossible and therefore we will be happy to book you This forms part of your package and we will help in thehave a separate transfer, these costs will be passed onthe best alternative available. case of international schedule changes or unforeseento you.date changes by us, after your booking has beenAccommodation ratingsmade. If we cancel your holiday due to low numbers,Meals on flights We offer a wide and varied range of holidays we will cancel your connecting flight at no charge toMany airlines no longer provide a pre-bookable mealthroughout the world, and in doing so use many you. Payment for connecting flights is taken at timeservice on short-haul flights but meals and snacks maydifferent categories of hotels. Accommodation is of booking, is non-refundable and is subject to anbe purchased on Board.chosen for each holiday based on a number of criteria administration fee of 15. including location of the property, room and hotel Airport check-in facilities, value for money, customer service and When you book your own connecting flight On some holidays, our Tour Leaders will already befeedback from our team and customers. This does not form part of your package and you willin the resort waiting to greet you on arrival at either be responsible for any changes required in the casethe airport or the hotel. Therefore, we have airportSolos no longer uses its own tick ratings. Instead, of international schedule changes or unforeseen daterepresentatives on hand for all departures from Londonwherever possible, we will advise you of the hotels changes by us, after your booking has been made. IfGatwick, London Heathrow and Manchester to helpofficial star rating. With this in mind, please be aware we cancel your holiday due to low numbers, we willsmooth your check-in (subject to flight times). If youthat standards can vary between hotels of the same not be responsible for your connecting flights. Wethink you may need extra assistance, please adviserating in different countries and even in the same recommend a minimum of 3 hours connecting timeour Reservations team of your requirements so thatcountry. For example, city hotels that often cater for between international and domestic flights (luggagethese can be passed on to our representatives. Webusiness as well as leisure travellers may well have will not be able to be checked-through). recommend that you get to the airport at least 2 hourshigher standards than a beach resort hotel where the prior to departure as some airlines can close check-inwhole atmosphere tends to be more relaxed.up to 1 hour prior to departure and arriving late can mean being denied check-in and Boarding.020 8951 2901|solosholidays.co.uk'