b'Interview 7A CUSTOMER ON A RECENT TOUR TOJapanHi Catherine, how are you? The trip was very well-organised, with aexperience, and I learnt so muchthis I am good thank you!good balance of culture and different typeswas an experience I wouldnt have had if I of sightseeing. There was a nice level oftravelled alone. So, tell us about your Japan holidayvariation between cities and mountains, with Solos. which I really liked. The coach rides throughWhat advice would you give to If I had to describe it in one word, thatthe mountains were just spectacular. I alsosomeone who wants to come to Japan word would probably be busy! The triploved seeing the Fushimi Inari Shrine inwith Solos?really was something specialthe historyKyoto, with its orange pillars leading up intoIt is a very intense trip, so you need to be of Japan is so interesting, and I learnt athe forestit is dedicated to the Shinto godsure that youre physically fit enough. Aside lot. It was full-on, but Id say it was a bigof rice and is very impressive. from that, I would just say make the most cultural adjustment rather than a cultureof ittake it all in and be prepared to find shock. What helped was that our localWhat time of year did you go? out all about a new culture.Tour Leader allowed us to have a realI went in June, so it was pretty hot and insight into day-to-day life for Japanesehumid, particularly on the walksso IWhats the next destination on your people. We got to try out public transport,bought a Japanese umbrella to help metravel bucket list?including the bullet train, which was a greatkeep cool. Id love to go to China, so I plan to head experience. The hotels were amazing,there sometime next year. I cant wait!and we had lots of opportunities to tryWhat was the highlight of your trip?authentic food along the way. Some of theThere were so many, so thats a toughPlease see pages 62-63 for our tourplaces we visited werent easily accessible,one! If I had to choose, I would probablyto Japanand there was quite a bit of walking, so asay having an afternoon tea and talk with good level of fitness is required for the trip. a Geisha. It was a fascinating and fun 020 8951 2901|solosholidays.co.uk'