b'4 Why Solos?Why Solos?We have been serving the solo traveller since 1982; you really couldnt be in better hands when you travel withSolos Holidays.Every journey begins with a single step!Our customers often tell us how they wish they had taken their first holiday with us sooner, but their apprehension got in the way of that initial step. The beauty of Solos is that you are holidaying as part of a group of sociable individuals who share a passion for travel and perhaps even a hobby or sport. Our friendly and experienced team are only a phone call away to talk through any apprehension or questions you may have. May of our customers have travelled with us several times over the years, which is why Solos is considered more of a community, than just another holiday company and we look forward to welcoming you along soon.Your Solos Tour LeaderThe magic ingredient! Our Tour Leaders accompany every group and understand exactly what you want to get from your trip. Many of them actually started off as Solos customers, just like you.They will be there to lend a helping hand whenever its needed and will work behind the scenes to ensure that everything runs smoothly, whilst blending in with the group to make sure everybody is happy and enjoying their holiday to the full.We choose our Tour Leaders for their personality, their joie de vivre and their ability to deal with all situations; of course, a great sense of humour is also a pre-requisite of the role!You will also benefit from the services of an experienced local guide who will join you for elements of your sightseeing experience, and who will be on hand to share their knowledge of the area with you.Our communityGreat experiences are always special when theres someone to share them with. With Solos, youll be joining a sociable group where there will always be somebody with whom to embrace those cherished moments which will become your fond memories. You can dip in and out of activities as you please. Flexibility is the name of the game; lets face it, its your holiday so you should feel free to spend your time entirely as you wish, a further benefit of being with a Solos group.solosholidays.co.uk|020 8951 2901'