b'Barbara 5Hi Barbara, how are you? Caterina ski trip in Italy in January. Im also Im well thanks! hoping to be on a ClubSolos trip againso keep your eyes peeled! I love the ClubSolos How long have you been a concept as I think its a great chance to Tour Leader? really get to know people, particularly if they I went on my first trip back in Novemberstay for two weeks. Our accommodation in 2017, so its been over two years now.Greece is lovely, and theres a great holiday atmospherethe weather doesnt hurt, What first got you interested either! Who doesnt love spending time on in being a Tour Leader? the beach or by the pool?Like many other Tour Leaders, I was a Solos customer before I became a Tour Leader.What has been the highlight ofI had such a wonderful time on my Solosyour time as a Tour Leader so far?holidays, and thought it was such a greatI absolutely love getting to know people concept, that I wanted to help people haveon an individual basis as well as part of the same fantastic experience. I love dealingQ&A the group, being a part of their holiday with people and helping them to have anexperience, and making it as enjoyable enjoyable time on holiday. as possible. Its great when I can show them what the resort has to offer. I notice What is involved in being a Tour Leader? a change in people from the first day to You have to be prepared to make sureBARBARA the end of their holiday, and I love seeing everyone feels comfortablesome peopleLEADBETTER how they relax into the experience, and will want to be included in everythingthe number of friends theyve made by the whilst others will want to dip in and dipend of the week. Ive met many amazing, out. Everyone enjoys the holiday in ainspiring people, and its a privilege to spend different way, so I organise things but intime with them. a relaxed way, so theres no pressure on anyone to do anythingits important toWhat would you say to someoneunderstand peoples individual needs. I do aBARBARA LEADBETTERwho wants to give Solos a try, butlot of planning behind the scenes, my mainis nervous?responsibility is your wellbeing, health andWAS OUR TOUREven people who have travelled with Solos safety and to be the first point of contact inmany times before will be nervous on case of an emergency! There is a differentLEADER IN CRETE OVERthe first night, so everyone is in the same group dynamic on every tripsome peopleboat. Im here to make sure youre not on might be quite shy, while others are moreSUMMER 2019. WEyour own, and help the group to bond, confident, and its my job to help them allregardless of whether they are seasoned to come together as a group. Everyone hasCAUGHT UP WITH HERtravellers or not. I have had many guests a unique personality and brings somethingwho have booked next years holiday the interesting to the tripthe Tour LeadersFOR A CHAT ABOUTday they return!job is to get to know their guests and be aALL THINGS SOLOSpart of it. Theres such a variety of different people that come on our trips, so there will be Where have you been a Tour Leader someone you click with. On every trip, so far? there is beautiful scenery to enjoy, as well I was born in Vienna, and have been as plenty of activities, or you can just relax lucky enough to have been a tour leaderif thats what youd prefer to do. I think on our New Years Eve trip there. We visitedClubSolos is a great place to start, because lots of Christmas Markets and went to athere are lots of options. In the morning and classical concert in the evening and triedat end of day, people always eat together out Sachertorte and Apfelstrudel in theand catch up, sharing stories.coffee houses.What makes Solos special?This year, I spent my summer at ClubSolosSolos allows people to be individuals but Crete, which I loved. I have also led aalso part of a supportive group. People New Years Eve Dinner Dance, as well asbuild firm friendships, and often form a Valentines and Spring Balls. Last year I new social circle. I love meeting so many took a group to Madeira, the beautifulfantastic people on each trip. flower island, and went on several ski trips in Italy, Switzerland, France, and Austria, so aDo you have a New Yearswide variety!Resolution for 2020?I think just to be happy and enjoy life as What trips have you got lined up formuch as I have the previous year. I never 2020 and which are you most lookingforget that Im lucky to be a Tour Leader, forward to? and do a job I love, which doesnt always Im going to be spending New Year on ourfeel like a job.Finland trip, which is excitinghopefully well have a chance to see the Northern Lights! Ill be Tour Leading for our Santa 020 8951 2901|solosholidays.co.uk'