b'6 SimonaInterviewwith SimonaProduct ExecutiveA CUSTOMER ON A RECENT TOUR TOHey Simona! perfect time to go. It has fantastic sceneryMy partner and I have a campervan, so we Tell us what your role is at Solos. and mountains, and as the first Christianalso love taking trips around the UK. Short Hi! Im one of the Product Executivescountry in the world, it is full of fascinatingweekend breaks are an ideal way to explore at Solos, and I joined the company inheritage for a unique experience. what the country has to offer. I particularly September 2018. Its my job to plan andlove beaches in Devon, especially in put together exciting itineraries for our CityIncluded is a trip to Zorats Karer, theTorquay, or if Im venturing north, York and Breaks, UK Breaks and Discovery tours.Armenian equivalent of Stonehenge Harrogate are some of my favourite places its an incredible 3500 years older thanto visit. What have been your Englands Stonehenge, and 3000 years favourite Solos trips in 2019? older than the Egyptian pyramids! OurWhat makes Solos special?One of them has got to be Vietnam Citiestrips are in April and June, which are greatAll our itineraries are carefully selected with and Beachit was new for last year andtimes of year to gothe temperature isour customers in mind. They travel with was very popular with our guests. I thinkjust right. us because they want a great experience, it provides the perfect combination ofwith like-minded people, which offers the culture, leisure, and beach time, and 11I also love our Journey through Japan,chance to spend time both alone and in days is an ideal length of holiday for manywhich is a Solos signature trip. Japan isa group. We do lots of research to find people. Vietnam is a great place to escapedefinitely a bucket list destination, and ourthe best, on-trend destinations, which and get a bit of sunyou can take intrip allows you to authentically experienceoffer good value for money. We select our UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as Haa different world, gaining a true insight intosuppliers very carefully and negotiate the Long Bay and explore its incredible cities.Japanese culture and customs by visitingbest rates for our guests. Of course,several parts of the country. This is simplya Tour Leader is on hand to help and I also love our Kenya Safari Adventurethe trip of a lifetime. Guests will visit vibrantanswer questions on almost every trip. A tripand our guests seemed to as well!Tokyo, one of the worlds biggest cities,large proportion of our guests come back Its perfect for animal lovers, because itand experience Matsumoto Castle. to us after theyve travelled once, because affords you the opportunity to see thethey love the Solos experience.elusive Big Five in their natural habitat,What are your travel plans for 2020?Masai Mara National Reserve. ImagineIm going back to Sri Lanka for the seventhWhat would you say has beenseeing elephants, lions, buffalos, rhinos andtime, because I absolutely love it! Theyour best holiday of all time?leopards up closeits just so exciting, andpeople are so friendly, the culture andIt wasnt really a holiday, but my favourite definitely one for the bucket list! For 2020,nature there is amazing, and it boaststravel experience was when I lived were now including an option to enjoybrilliant beaches. It isnt as hectic as otherand worked in Alaska for 8 months in the safari as well as a trip to the beach atcountries in South Asia, which makes it onemy twenties for a student exchange Mombasa, so you can truly get the best ofof my favourite destinations.programme. I lived right next to Denali both worlds. National Park, saw grizzly bears on the Im also off to Fuerteventura for a week instreets, went rafting and caught a fish that Which 2020 Solos trips March, which is a nice place for a sunnywas the same size as meit was truly are you most excited about? escape without venturing too far. Its homebreathtaking! Alaska was my first long-Our new Discover Armenia trip has soto the Corralejo Natural Park, which is onehaul travel experiencea real eye-opener much to offer. Armenia is an up-and- of the best places to see the desert beauty and I loved it so much that I decided I coming destination, so whilst its rising inof Fuerteventuraits the biggest dunewanted to work in travel.popularity, it isnt too touristyso its thespread in the whole of the Canary Islands. solosholidays.co.uk|020 8951 2901'