b'144 Important InfoImportant InformationInsurance It is imperative that you are adequatelyopinion or in the opinion of our Tour Leader, a Hoteland/or accommodation, during the period of a delay, insured for overseas holidays ensuring that your policyManager or other person in authority, your behaviour isis also the responsibility of the carrier. In the event provides, in particular, cover for medical expenses,causing danger, damage or affecting the enjoyment ofthat a delay results in lost holiday time, Solos Holidays emergency treatment, emergency/helicopter rescueothers, we reserve the right to terminate your holiday.cannot make any refund of unused accommodation and repatriation where necessary. If you suffer from aInappropriate behaviour can lead to Solos refusingor meal arrangement, as they are not re-sold, and full disability or medical condition you must disclose thisto accept any future bookings from the individualcancellation charges will be applied by the hotel. No to insurers and to us. We offer an insurance schemeconcerned. Such individuals may also be liable foradjustment can be made to the holiday arrangements available to UK citizens (see https://www.solosholidays.prosecution. Solos Holidays can take no responsibilityto take account of a delay. Please pay particular co.uk/insurance). If you wish to arrange your ownfor any additional expenses incurred or loss of holidayattention to this section when booking your own insurance, details should be advised at the time ofby individuals in any such circumstances. The companyindependent domestic flights, train or taxi connections, booking and a copy of the policy given to your Tourcannot accept any responsibility for the actions of otherand allow sufficient time. Solos cannot accept any Leader. You should ensure that the insurance youpeople outside its control. liability for missed connections, cancellation charges, or purchase provides adequate cover for any activities youother consequential loss resulting from a delay, unless may undertake during the course of your holiday. Climate & Conditions Alongside every tour we listthe arrangements in question are booked by us as a an average maximum daily temperature for thatpart of the inclusive package. Due to the nature and Gratuities There is often confusion on the questiondestination. Please bear in mind that this informationtiming of aircraft chartering and scheduling, we cannot of gratuities, since it frequently depends on the typeis for guidance only. Climate changes across the worldconfirm at the time of going to press the precise airline of holiday, the location and, of course, your attitudein recent years have made it impossible to predictfor charter flights, nor the precise type of aircraft for towards tipping, as to what is normally expected. weather anywhere. Activity, worldwide and golf holidayscharter or scheduled flights on each individual tour. If In order to give you a rough idea, we will giveespecially may be affected by poor weather conditionsyou choose not to take advantage of flights provided by appropriate guidance in the information sent with yoursuch as golf greens which can take time to recover,Solos Holidays as part of the package and opt to book travel documents. The Tour Leader will be on hand towalking routes and subsequent alteration of includedyour own flight or make your own travel arrangements, offer advice or suggestions, if required, but we stressactivity. It is never possible to predict the weatherwe cannot be held responsible for any costs incurred that gratuities are offered entirely at the discretion ofperfectly and we cannot be held responsible for thethrough schedule changes.the individual. weather conditions at the time of your holiday. In particular hurricanes and tropical storms can affect theData Protection Policy In order to process your Accommodation It is common practice that hotelsCaribbean and Gulf of Mexico regions, usually betweenbooking and to ensure that your travel arrangements may ask for a debit or credit card as security depositJune to November. As the storms path and durationrun smoothly, and meet your requirements, Solos for incidentals charged to the room. If you decline tocannot be predicted accurately and if your holidayneed to use the information you provide, such as provide this information, your check-in may be refused,is cancelled or changed as a result of their actual oryour name and address, any special needs/dietary resulting in the termination of your Solos holiday. Solospredicted effects, this will be included as an eventrequirements etc. We take full responsibility for can take no responsibility for any loss incurred underbeyond our control, see paragraph 11. ensuring that proper security measures are in place these circumstances. to protect your information. We must pass this on to Health & Safety We take the safety of our customersrelevant suppliers of your travel arrangements, such Holiday Seasons Some destinations featured do havevery seriously. If the Foreign Office advises that peopleas airlines, hotels, transport companies and so on. quieter off peak periods when you can take advantageshould not visit a particular country we will tell youThe information may also be provided to security or of uncrowded resorts and more personal attention fromand try to arrange an alternative holiday for you. Thecredit checking companies, public authorities such hotel staff at value for money prices. Some destinationsForeign and Commonwealth Travel Advice Unit mayas the police or customs/ immigration, if it is required are developing where such quiet periods existissue information about your holiday destination. Youby them, or as required by law. Additionally, where throughout the year. At these times hotels, local barsare advised to check for any announcements on theyour holiday is outside the European Economic Area and restaurants may scale down some of their facilitiesinternet at www.fco.gov.uk, or by calling 020 7008(EEA), controls on data protection in the destination to match demand. 1500. Standards of hygiene and safety in other countriesmay not be as strong as the legal requirements in this may differ from those in the UK so please take care,country. We shall not, however, pass any information Our Staff To enable us to offer you an efficient andparticularly with your choice of food or drink. Theon to any person not responsible for part of your travel professional service, we are committed to ongoingsuppliers we use are required to meet local health andarrangements. This applies to any sensitive information training, part of which sometimes involves thesafety standards and where possible we work with localthat you give us such as details of disabilities, or dietary/ recording of phone calls. suppliers to raise standards. However, you must takereligious requirements. If, however, we cannot pass this all reasonable precautions to protect yourself whileinformation to the relevant suppliers, whether in the Medical Conditions In your own interest, you muston holiday. In particular, note fire procedures (alarmEEA or not, we cannot make your booking and will not be confident that your medical and physical conditionsystems may not always be present), the design ofbe able to provide your holiday. In making a booking, is suited to the holiday you have chosen. It is yourswimming pools (lifeguards are unlikely to be present)you consent to this information being passed on to responsibility to ensure that you are fit and welland the height of balconies (which may be lowerthe relevant persons. You are entitled to a copy of the enough to take part in the activities booked. In makingthan expected). Note that areas around your holidayinformation held by us. If you would like to see this, a booking, you declare and warrant that you haveaccommodation do not form part of your booking,please contact us. We may make a small charge for disclosed to us every matter concerning your healthfor example the sea, beaches, roads, mountainsproviding this to you. Under GDPR (European General and mental and physical fitness of which you are aware,and ski lifts etc and that you are also responsible forData Protection Regulation) which comes into effect or ought reasonably to be expected to know, that istaking reasonable care for your own safety in thesefrom 25 May 2018, Solos require express permission relevant to our decision to permit you to go on theareas. Where our Tour Leaders recommend or useto send emails to subscribers. Full details about how holiday you have chosen. Upon any adverse change inestablishments as part of their resort services towe look after your data and managing your personal your health and fitness that may be likely to affect ouryou, please note their use of such establishments ispreferences can be viewed in our privacy policy at decision to accept the risk of permitting you to go onoperated in good faith and based upon their own viewswww.solosholidays.co.uk/privacythe holiday, you must notify us immediately in writingand experiences and therefore contain elements of of any such adverse change. You acknowledge thatsubjective opinion. Crimes against people and propertyOur Website The contents of our website are the the obligation to disclose continues from the time ofare a fact of life throughout the world and you have theproperty and copyright of Long Travel Limited and booking the tour through to departure and extends forsame responsibility for your personal safety as you do atmay not be reproduced in whole or in part without our the duration of the tour. If you fail to comply with thehome. In some destinations the local police may not beexpress written consent.duty of disclosure and if we would not have permittedvery cooperative or interested when theft is reported or you to undertake the tour, or continue participationinsurance confirmation is needed, so please take greatPassports & Visas All customers travelling outside the of the tour, had you made full disclosure under thiscare of your property. UK are required to hold a current 10 year passport condition, Solos and any employees, officers or agentswhich is valid for 6 months after your date of return. All will not be liable for any loss, damage, injury or deathAirlines & Aircraft We reserve the right to substitutecosts incurred in obtaining such documentation should sustained by you of whatever kind, nature or descriptionairlines and/or aircraft, or change the destination or citybe obtained by you. Your specific passport and visa that may arise or is sustained as a result of participationdeparture airport. Such changes will not constitute arequirements, and other immigration requirements are on the tour, unless such loss, damage, injury or deathsignificant alteration as defined in paragraph 10 of theyour sole responsibility and you should confirm these arises out of the breach of legal duty of Solos or itsSolos Holidays Booking Conditions. Should you wishwith the relevant embassies and/or consulates of the suppliers. Tours sometimes take place in remote areasto cancel your holiday as a result of such a change,countries in which you are planning to travel. We regret where there is little or no access to normal medicalcancellation charges will be applied in accordance withcannot accept liability if you are refused entry on to services or hospital facilities for serious problems.paragraph 6 of the Solos Holidays Booking Conditions.any transport or into any country due to the failure on Where necessary, evacuation can be prolonged, difficultDirect flights are flights where there is no change ofyour part to carry the correct documentation. If you are and expensive. Medical and evacuation expenses willaeroplane en route. They are not necessarily non-stop. not a British citizen and do not hold a British passport, be your responsibility. We reserve the right at ourWe are required to advise you of the airline flightyou must make your own enquiries as to the applicable absolute discretion to refuse you the right to participatecarrier(s) at the time of booking. If the airline flightrequirements.in a tour on medical or fitness grounds. If in doubtcarrier(s) is not known, we will advise you of the likely please consult our reservation staff or your doctorcarrier(s) that will operate your flights(s). Any changes toSpecial Requests Any special requests must be advised and be sure to advise us of any condition we shouldthe airline flight carrier(s) after your booking has beenat the time of booking. Although we will endeavour be aware of. Tour Leaders will not be in a position toconfirmed, will be notified to you as soon as possibleto pass any requests on to the relevant supplier, no provide extra assistance to any individual which couldand will constitute a minor change. guarantee that any request will be met. Any medical reduce their effectiveness for the rest of the group. Werequests which may affect your accommodation, flight appreciate that some clients may have special needs,Flight Timings Where flight timings are given, they areor transfer must be declared at the time of booking. We and/or specific requirements to enable them to enjoyfor your guidance only, and you should refer to yourmay be able to assist you in considering the suitability their holiday. Please ask for our Special Needs form,tickets for the actual flight times, although there will beof the arrangements before confirming the reservation. so that we can assess your position in relation to theoccasions when these may also change. This also includes any medical condition or disability holiday required. Please note that we may not be ablewhich may affect your booking arrangements after your to provide the holiday of your choice. Delays Regrettably we cannot guarantee that your flightbooking has been confirmed.will not be subject to delay. Whatever the nature of a Inappropriate Conduct Any person considered to bedelay, these are the responsibility of the carrier, and behaving in an antisocial manner and/or under thesubject to their Conditions of Carriage. Your attention influence of alcohol or drugs may be refused boardingis drawn to section 14 of the Solos Holidays Booking or removed from any flight. If in our reasonableAgreement in this respect. The provision of subsistence, solosholidays.co.uk|020 8951 2901'